Hueman Sol is a brand on a mission to change the narrative about Colorism through an innovative concept of Sol Glows—a color spectrum comprising twenty-two affirmations that celebrate the diverse range of skin tones. Through this unique approach, Hueman Sol aims to redefine beauty standards and empower women of color of who have faced Colorism to embrace the natural beauty of their melanin-rich skin with our beauty and wellness products made with natural and organic ingredients designed to promote self-care, self-love and self-acceptance.

MISSION: Using the influence of the Sol Glows, Hueman Sol's mission is to produce beauty and wellness products with natural and organic ingredients that are sourced from the earth that cultivate the practice of self-care, self-love, and self- acceptance.



Creative Storyteller.  Space Disrupter.  Advocate for  Good Trouble.

A native of the Chicago suburbs, Moriah has spent most of her professional career in sports and entertainment in New York City working for major sports giants, ESPN and the NBA, building brand and media partnerships by overseeing the strategic development and optimization of new and existing partnerships to create engaging marketing campaigns that drive incremental revenue and customer acquisitions.  Moriah has also been fortunate enough where many of her professional experiences have been tied to goals and passions of hers, including the amplification and advancement of HBCUs as well as creating equitable experiences for people of color.  During her time at the NBA, she helped build the first-ever NBA All-Star dedicated to HBCUs and led a small, but mighty team of passionate good trouble leaders who developed a series of social justice initiatives across her department, including the Equitable Hiring Gameplan, an initiative focused on hiring, interviewing, recruiting, and retaining Black & Indigenous People of Color.

Having worked with major brands such as American Express, Cadillac, Capital One, DoorDash, Grey Goose, Gatorade, Beats by Dre, EXPRESS, Clorox, and Kia, Moriah decided to leverage her expertise to create her own brand -- hence the birth of Hueman Sol, a beauty and wellness brand focused on changing the narrative about Colorism, a polarizing topic she holds near and dear to her heart having had her own unique experiences as a darker-skinned woman.

Moriah is a proud HBCU grad and alumna of Hampton University where she received her BS degree in Business Administration and her MBA degree with a concentration in Marketing.


Almost every person of African or Black descent has likely  experienced Colorism in someway shape or form.  Colorism is one of the oldest mechanisms used to create a divisive community amongst Black people.  Even more so, it has extended itself to other races and cultures, Indian and Latinx communities to name a few. Colorism has plagued our communities to negatively impact how we view certain standards of beauty and class in society.   And here we are.  Still having this divisive nature of Colorism in 2022.

We often categorize ourselves as light-skinned or dark-skinned or even more perplexing, brown-skinned.  We categorize ourselves on a color wheel that isn’t even really a color wheel.  The truth is, we’re all brown, but our skin has been blessed with so many different hues of brown.  So much so that we are truly colorful.  Yes, we are colored.  We are so full of color.  When God created us, he pushed our bodies closer to the sun so that our melanin could shine, and we could truly warm and radiate this Earth.  The best part of being colored is that we are all so unique in our own skin.  We need to honor that.  When I look at you, I see your own unique hue of colorful brown, kissed by the sun.  I want to always celebrate you and look at you in reverence of your beautiful brown skin. Your glow finds beauty in all things brown.  Let’s celebrate your glow.  Let’s celebrate your Hueman Sol.   

I'm excited to introduce and share Hueman Sol  with you in hopes that this platform embraces you with community, engages you with perspective, inspires you with impact and most importantly, empowers you with confidence and love.  

Sending love and light to you always,