A Note From Our Founder About Colorism

A Note From Our Founder About Colorism

Growing up I had a very hard time wanting to love my skin tone. I wanted to bleach it and even paint it white. I just wanted to be lighter. I grew up in a predominantly white town where there weren’t a lot of black people and in particular, no one with dark skin who looked like me. I was called names like “blackie” and “grape” because I turned purple in the sun. Anytime I would go outside, I would bring towels or face coverings to block my skin from the sun and thought wearing SPF 80 would keep my skin from getting any darker. It wasn’t until I was completely surrounded by beautiful melanin skin at my HBCU (shoutout to Hampton!) that I learned to embrace my natural skin tone. Dark skin is beautiful. No matter what shade your Melanin is, we’re all beautiful.

I truly see my skin tone as a mixture of both my parents. My dad is more on the Chocolate/Cocoa side where is my mom is more Toffee or Caramel. There are sometimes throughout the year where I can get super chocolately but if you look closely at my skin, you’ll see the speckled hue combinations of my parents. I’ve also had my fair share of experiences with hyperpigmentation which is a common skin condition that makes somes areas of the skin darker than others, especially if you have more melanin. Because of this, I see my skin as a nice Cinnamon tone, an herbal sugary, brown, spiced by the earth and the sun.

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Moriah, Founder and CEO of Hueman Sol®

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